Donya Jahanbakht Vs Sadaf Taherian

 The world is a world-wide, a girl who has done nothing to her until now and has no love for her. This  alone has caused him to receive 1 million and 400 thousand Fallours at  Instagram, which only 100,000 have been taken into account in the past  3-4 days. 

 After  that, the work was so high that he published photos of the world-wide  world on his Instagram, which took Priper’s flowers and cried. It  turned out to be a funny news bomb on social networks and was marauded  on the satellite television network of Ithn (Shinkhiz), where a man and  woman, who allegedly was the mother of Soheila Golsar, was the mother of  gold, was defending her child, To make a mockery of the dried flowers of the world. This caused the world to publish its own photos and a video that wraps the rope around its neck and, for example, suicides. The topic turned out to be a Twitter tweet, and many people on Twitter  and Instagram repeated this move to ridicule this annihilation a  hundred years ago overnight, while they themselves sparked this issue.



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